Monday, October 31, 2011

A 1985 Halloween

Guess what I was this year for Halloween...

The Dress
The Accessories
More Accessories...
The Corsage
Have a guess now?
80s Prom Queen!

This year I didn't plan on creating a costume...which is unusual since I love playing dress up!  But my trip to DC put a slight kink in my Halloween costume making time.  Until I was rummaging around in my sister's old closet and found her former dance dress from the 80's!  So then I found a pair of shoes in my mom's closet that would go perfectly with this dress and some vintage classic 80's jewelry from my mom and sister's jewelry boxes and "voila!" I decided to be an 80's Prom Queen.  These are the days that I'm glad my mom doesn't throw away anything.  So I'll I needed was a few accessories from the store: crown, panty hose, wig, materials for my sash and corsage and I was set to go.  Super easy to put together, yet I was lucky to already have the essentials in the closet.  Oh... the perks of being the baby of an older family!  Happy Halloween, All!

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