Sunday, October 2, 2011

A "Thank You" Remembered

Back in college, my professors ingrained in my head that a great way to stand out after an interview is to send a Thank You letter.  But, in this rough economy, I bet most people are now doing this.  I think an even further way to be remembered is to make a Thank You letter instead, if appropriate.  Working in the fashion field has allowed me to get creative by sending cards that show my esthetic and personality.  Below is an example of a card that you can replicate (with your own pictures) that will show your future employer a taste of who they could be hiring. 

What you'll need:
*  Magazines
*  Scissors
*  Construction Paper
*  Color Marker
*  White Marker
*  Gold Pen
*  Brown Ink Sponge
*  Photo Double Sided Tape
*  3D Foam Double Sided Tape
~ You can find all of these items in a craft or scrapbook store

Whenever I flip though magazines, I like to cut out images that interest me or that I think could be used for a future project.  Here, I have created a "brainstorm collage" of cutouts and tear-outs that I possibly want to use for this card.  I eventually decide on a "Whimsical Forest" theme for the look of this card that shows my love in colors, animals and nature. 

After you choose your images, arrange them in a way that makes sense and/or creates an environment.  Then cut out a rectangle from your construction paper and fold in half.  Use the double sided tape to adhere the images to your card.  Have fun by using 3D double sided tape to give a couple of your pictures some volume and shadows.   Using glue will show unwanted ripples through the paper and the adhesion of glue sticks don't last over long periods of time.  Double sided tape works great for photos and any kind of other paper.

To maintain the employer's privacy, I cut out their name.
On the inside of the card, cut out another smaller rectangle of a different color from your construction paper.  Dab the brown ink sponge on the edges of this paper to give it a fun vintage feel and tape it on.  Add a couple more pictures!  Using a color marker, write a handwritten message.  Be short and sweet and mention something specific that was discussed during your interview.

Make sure your message stands out.  I have used a white marker to spell out "Thank You" and for final touches, take your gold pen and outline your pictures to add some extra pop.  Some people may say this looks like you are trying too hard.  But if you are looking for a job in a fun, creative field, this shows the employer what you can contribute to their company and it will stick in their mind, separating you from others!

Heck, if it's not for an interview, you can always make a card for anyone and any occasion that will make them feel extra special.

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