Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Food Truckin'

There is nothing that makes me more giddy than eating good food!  So, last weekend, I visited the Santa Anita Race Track for their Food Truck Festival!  Last year's was such a success, so I'm glad they decided to have it again.  They had over 70 trucks at this event, but truthfully, I only went for one... The Grilled Cheese Truck, of course!  Last year I stood in their line for over 2 hours, because I had not yet experienced this cheesy phenomenon that everyone else had already tried.  But it was worth every minute!  So this year, when I heard the track was hosting this event for a second time, I was determined to be first in line!  Grant it, I arrived 30 mins before the gates even opened and then the truck didn't open until 30 mins after that, and then I had to order and wait for the food to be prepared.. SO, basically I still had to wait 1 1/2 hours.  But it was still worth it!  I ordered the Cheesy Mac Grilled Cheese Sandwich, which is exactly what it sounds like:  French bread stuffed with cheddar mac and cheese then grilled to a buttery crisp perfection!  My mom ordered the Cheesy Mac and Rib Fully Loaded.  Only difference is that they stuff it with.... get ready.... 
BBQ PORK.  Get out!

Cheesy Mac and Rib Fully Loaded
You're in luck!  The track is having another festival in November.  So, if you don't want to travel to Downtown searching for the big yellow and orange truck, travel on down to the Race Track in Arcadia, CA on Nov. 5th, 11-5pm, $5 entry.  But, arrive early or else you'll be waiting in a ginormous line.
See you there!

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