Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Sniff in the Right Direction

I used to think my Italian schnoz was a curse.  My Grandma Jo (who had a nose job...) has the famous "hooked naso".  And then of course my father's grandma also had the "old country" nose that she then passed down to my Grandpa John, who then passed it down to my dad.  So, having this trait on both sides of my family... it was inevitable that I myself was going to inherit a nose that doesn't quite fit my small face.

In middle school, Melissa S. told me that I had a big nose!  And acting like a typical insecure kid, I yelled back at her with, "Well, you have big ears!"  If only I had the guts back then to say what I could say now is, "The better to smell you with, my Dear!"  But over the years, I've come to terms with my insecurity and have seen the good it has brought me.  For instance, I'm the only one I know who can smell a burp from across the room...talent?  I think so!  But since I'm practically blind without my contacts, maybe inheriting a bigger nose was a gift... my innate sense of smell compensates for my lack of sight!  So, the moral of this story is to accept and embrace and to remind yourself of the positive!  And tonight I thought I'd share with you ten things I love to smell...

Homemade Tacos
First Day of Rain (wet concrete, really)
Pumpkin Candles
  Grandpa Ugo's Chicken and Potatoes
Freshly Printed Paper
Autumn Leaves
Orange Zest

The times I wish I had no nose:
 My Cat's Farts
 Retirement Homes
NY, New York Summers
 A New Car
Antique Stores
Jalapeno Jelly
Canned Tuna
Duck Farms off the freeway

Share with me the smells you love and hate!

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