Saturday, October 1, 2011

Madalene Lives On

I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for my Great Grandmother Madalene.  And although I never had the chance to meet this amazing woman, I feel as if I knew her.  After hearing so many heart warming stories about her from my family who knew her, Madalene has become such an inspiration to me.  Many times, when my mom and I are in the kitchen, we talk to her!  "Grandma Madalene, help us get through this meal!"  She is often with us and helps my mom remember how it's supposed to go.

Madalene was born in Cirigliano, Italia but traveled to the United States when she was a teenager, looking for a better life.  She then found love with another Italian young man and lived their life in Chicago, IL.  She was defiant against her husband's wishes to not learn English and would sneak behind his back to learn it anyway!  She had made the decision to live here and was determine to start living that American Life.  She soon raised two children, one of them being my beautiful Grandma Josephine, and taught them to have fun with life, cook tasty meals and make wonderful things around the house.  Madalene sewed all her clothes and made a career out of it while still living at home.  She also grew her own vegetables, made crafts with her children and made the best darn gnocchi my family has ever eaten.  She lost her husband at an early age, but soon moved in with her daughter, Jo, in Southern California.  This complicated things because she was a perfectionist.  It was her way or no way!  But, how I see it, is that she was then able to create an amazing bond with her three grandchildren.  My Grandma Jo was often sick, so sometimes Madalene stepped in as a second mom to my mother, aunt and uncle.  She passed away in 1968, but has handed down her spunk, independence and creative ways. I luckily have acquired these traits and am glad to know that my great grandma is apart of me and my family.

So, Because of Madalene, I bring this new blog to life by sharing her inspiration through recipes, fashion tips, fun art projects and more.


  1. I love it! Didn't know all of this wonderfully rich history. You did take after Madalene :)

  2. Love this Christina! She was an amazing woman & continues to be my inspiration. Thank you for honoring her with this beautiful dedication. ❤ your Guncle, Jim