Monday, October 31, 2011

A 1985 Halloween

Guess what I was this year for Halloween...

The Dress
The Accessories
More Accessories...
The Corsage
Have a guess now?
80s Prom Queen!

This year I didn't plan on creating a costume...which is unusual since I love playing dress up!  But my trip to DC put a slight kink in my Halloween costume making time.  Until I was rummaging around in my sister's old closet and found her former dance dress from the 80's!  So then I found a pair of shoes in my mom's closet that would go perfectly with this dress and some vintage classic 80's jewelry from my mom and sister's jewelry boxes and "voila!" I decided to be an 80's Prom Queen.  These are the days that I'm glad my mom doesn't throw away anything.  So I'll I needed was a few accessories from the store: crown, panty hose, wig, materials for my sash and corsage and I was set to go.  Super easy to put together, yet I was lucky to already have the essentials in the closet.  Oh... the perks of being the baby of an older family!  Happy Halloween, All!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Nightmare of Music

Last night my family and I visited Citrus College Performing Arts Center to see A Nightmare of Music from Film.  This student annual performance featured chilling and suspenseful film scores played by the Citrus Sierra Wind Symphony and sung by the Citrus Choir.  Synchronized perfectly to film projections of each movie, we were at the edge of our seats as we listened and witnessed the horrors of great frightening classics!

Go see it next year for a thrilling night!

Some of the films scores that were featured...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween with Class

Hold on to your broomstick, Ladies, it's going to be a elegant ride!