Monday, November 19, 2012

Antique Piano Wall Art

When I learned that I could actually do this (purchase a home), one of the first things that popped into my head was that I would finally be able to take Madalene's Buffet Table (that has been sitting in my folks' garage for decades unused) and have her officially apart of my home!  Well, I was extremely bummed to find out that my dining room was too small to house her gorgeous antique and I know that she's with me in spirit but having one of her treasures made me feel like she was even closer.  But her table will just have to wait until I upgrade to a bigger home in the future.

Until then, I've adopted the family's old piano front board that was removed from our 100 year old upright piano when we traded it in for a shiny new one.  I learned how to play on this very instrument when I was eight and knew its sentiment would add a friendly reminder of my childhood home and fond memories.  And with the vintage/modern theme I'm creating throughout the home (appropriate for my old soul with modern taste), I knew this antique wall art would add the perfect balance for that.

My handy brother-in-law removed the old clunky hooks that were still attached when we took the board from the piano and quickly nailed in two triangle frame hang hooks (on each top end), tied sturdy wire around each one and hung/mounted it on the wall with toggle screws for a better hold. 

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