Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin on a Stick

Seeing all those sunflowers and pumpkins at the pumpkin festival last weekend got me thinking of a colorful floral arrangement for the season!  Trader Joe's is seriously my best friend when it comes to flowers.  Their selection is amazing and the prices are beyond reasonable.  I always find what I'm looking for because they carry such a variety and the flowers are really fresh since they are brought in every morning.  Every Fall, they sell these super cute pumpkins on a stick!  They actually aren't pumpkins but ornamental eggplants.  Who knew?  So I grabbed one bunch of those and one bunch of sunflowers and arranged a simple piece that's Halloween appropriate and easy to do.  BUT, be careful because these "pumpkin tree" stems have mean little thorns that I completely forgot about.  Dang, did those suckers hurt!  But beauty is pain, right?   The sunflowers will soon die off but the "pumpkins" last a long time, so just remove the sunflowers and you'll still have a festive center piece that will carry you on to November.  
Add some festive ribbon to complete the arrangement.

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