Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Favorites

I think it's so much more fun to dress for the colder seasons than the warmer.  Partly, because I love to layer, which you can't do as much for summer, and my absolute favorite thing to wear is a cozy oversized sweater and comfortable booties.  And I've done all of that in this particular outfit!
Pendleton, The Portland Collection Shorts, DV Pura Booties, Free People Rip Cropped Pullover
I'm trying to sophisticate my wardrobe a bit more for work, because it's easy to just throw on a pair of jeans when working in a casual retail office.  But I'm wanting to get out of that habit and dress more appropriately.  I mean, I work in retail for crying out loud.  I should dress like it then, right?  Well, when I wore this little number the other day to work, I got responses from my coworkers like, "Is it your birthday?!"  Ugh, maybe I needed to gradually ease into this sophistication transformation, instead.
With the Aztecan/Tribal theme from the shorts, I thought pairing it with Low Luv x Erin Wasson jewelry would go perfectly with this outfit.  I'm in love with Erin's collection.  It's elegant but edgy and always strikes up a conversation.