Friday, November 11, 2011

And the Oscar Goes to...


The moment I've been waiting for... for 7 years!  Billy Crystal has finally announced his return to the stage to host the 2012 Academy Awards!  Off and on from 1990 - 2004 he hosted 8 times, and there is a reason for it.  Nobody can top his style... brilliant humor, unique approach to infusing himself into the movies being nominated and his songs.  The audience always adores him and so do I!  He is the best host there ever was and ever will be. Yes, he even tops Hugh Jackman... but just barely!  Billy took a break from hosting because he says it's exhausting.  It takes him months to prepare his fabulous performance and I couldn't be happier that he has decided to do this again.  I can't wait to see his famous opening number.  To grasp what I'm talking about, watch the 2004 clip below and you'll understand my Awe for Billy.

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