Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Twilight Thoughts...

Last weekend, I watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 with my good friend, Katie.  This film was completely cheesy but pure entertainment.  And getting kinda hot and heavy... if ya know what I mean.  But whenever I finish watching the Twilight films, a sort of sadness comes over me, because the romantic, protective, loving and caring qualities that both Edward and Jacob portray in the films are exactly what I want in a guy myself! And I sometimes doubt that I'll ever find all of those traits combined in one person.   Being a realist that Katie is...quickly reminded me that, "It's just a movie!".  And a couple thoughts poured through my head as she said that... 

As much as I adore movies and completely emerge myself into the story and characters, I think it's sometimes unfair how films can often trick you into believing what you see on the screen is real life... instead of a made-up story from the behind the scenes' crew.  Will I ever meet a man who can act like a grownup, respect others, cook a meal, play the piano and do anything for his loved ones like Edward?  Maybe not... But that's what I want!  A man who is not afraid to be in touch with his feminine side but still be a man, and who can let go of their ego and pay attention to others' needs.  I try to convince myself and others that this character could really be out there in the real world... But I often receive negative comments, because reality is.. most men my age are not like this.

But, on second thought... why can't I be allowed to find and have everything that I want in a guy?  Is it so terrible to want the perfect partner?  I mean, these film characters had to be based off of somebody, right?  Well, anyway, I'll keep searching for that Mister Right, wherever he is... maybe in a theater, in an art studio, or in an animal shelter...or a dark green forest in Washington?  Hmm e-harmony here I come?  Yah, not too sure about that.  But it could be hard finding those sensitive qualities on my everyday streets of Southern California.  We'll see...

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  1. Can you believe that I have never seen or read "Twilight"??? Crazy, I know.
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