Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Day Countdown

We're just hours away from the Big Feast and have so much to do!  So I've created a timeline to help me stay organized and stress free.

4pm: Make Cranberry/Orange Jello (check)

5pm: Bake Pumpkin Pies
7pm: Bake Owl Cookies
8pm: Make Thanksgiving Table Center Pieces

9am: Hit the Gym (did you know the avg. American eats about 4,000 cal. on this Holiday?!)
10:30am: Set the Table
11am: Prep the Bird
12pm: Put the Bird on the Bar-B
1:30pm: Prep the Stuffing
2:30pm: Make the Cider
3pm: Bake Brie Cheese/Cranberry Appetizer
3:30pm: Guests Arrive / Take out Appetizers (also my aunt's eggplant parmigiana)/Open Wine
4pm: Make Mash Potatoes
4:30pm: Take out the Bird / Bake the Stuffing, my sister's Yams and Green Bean Casserole, and Bread Stix
5pm: Make the Gravy / Carve the Bird / Bring out the Sides
5:15pm: Eat!
7pm: Put out Desserts (pies, cake, and cookies)
7:30pm: Take a Stroll around the Neighborhood
8pm: Eat Some More!  (Dessert) / Pop open Champagne
12am: Eat Even More...Go for Leftovers!

My day will be packed and I'm sure yours will be too, so remember to keep calm, really enjoy the day and if you're guests have to wait a bit, it won't kill them.  Just make sure there are appetizers but not too many so they won't be overstuffed before the big meal.  Have a glass of wine and eat lots!

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  1. Sounds wonderful! Have a great day! Sounds like a feast!