Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Fairytale Boyfriend

I'm quite the dreamer because sometimes reality can be the pits.  So I often imagine who would be my perfect boyfriend...  A bonus would be if he could look like Huge Jackman.  But that might be asking for too much!  However, aside from looking for someone who is a lot like my father and brother, I often look to male characters in my favorite films as a guide to finding Mister Right.  Is this realistic, of course not!  And I might have a rude awakening when I'm ready to start dating again, but until then, I dream about the characters below and their attractive traits!

Prince Philip: Sleeping Beauty
For this Chivalry and Courage

David Ducoveny: Return to Me
For his Love for Animals

Tom Hanks: Sleepless in Seattle
For being a Devoted Loving Father

Jack Black: School of Rock
For his Infectious Humor

Gene Kelly: Singing in the Rain
For his Artistic Talents

Colin Firth: Pride and Prejudice
For his Romance

Hugh Jackman: Australia
For his Sexy Australian Accent and Good Looks

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