Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It's almost here... the day of Thankfulness. This Holiday is my absolute favorite because it involves two of my most favorite things:  Food and Family!  And I'm extremely grateful and thankful to have a lot of both in my life.  I sometimes get distracted with all the prepping, cleaning and cooking that goes along with this Holiday and forget to think about the meaning of this day.  So I've put together a little list of things I'm especially thankful for this year:

My kitties, who give me the most joy when I come home from a long day of work
A cozy fireplace to keep me warm on these colder nights
My Family, who never stop believing in me
Grandma Madalene for coming into my life and giving me such inspiration everyday 
My closest friends, who accept my quirkiness
Old family photos and stories that constantly remind me where I've come from
Hot dinners to come home to after work
Holiday music to help me stay cheery and forget about California traffic
Streets lined with red and yellow leafy trees that help our state feel like we actually have more than 2 seasons
And last but not least... the utmost support I receive from my most avid blog followers who help me strive to continue to keep doing what I love and to share it with you!

Later tonight... I'll post my Turkey Countdown Timeline for the Big Day.

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving Day!


  1. what an awesome list! i'm definitely thankful of my family...and my kitties too!

  2. Amen daughter. Keep inspiring all of us. You make we want to be in the kitchen more. I love you and are very Thankful for you "Lucky #3" and the whole family...I am truly blessed.

  3. My mother is posting from my account! Thanks, Mom! I love you, too. :)