Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holidays with a Pop

I can't seem to get away from the pumpkin pie spices this season.  And yet again, I've put them in another dish!  This time I sprinkled them on top of my air popped popcorn.  My family has this ancient air popcorn popper that we've been using for as long as I can remember.  My dad can't cook but he takes pride in making the popcorn.  He plugs in the popper, pours in the kernels and juggles our three little bowls under the machine perfectly as the popper spews out the fresh white puffs of deliciousness!  Now, melting the butter in the microwave seems to be a bit more challenging for him...  But, hey, this snack wouldn't be the same without my Pop popping it!

What you'll need:
Melted Butter
Pinch of Ginger
Pinch of Cloves
Pinch of Cinnamon

So I tossed the popped kernels with lite butter and then threw a few pinches of cinnamon, cloves and ginger on them and had my own little holiday party by the fire!  A flavorful way to end my evening...

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea for a quick autumn snack!! I'm going to have to try this!

    xx Melina