Friday, December 9, 2011

The Ultimate Sangwich

My Grandpa Ugo, Madalene's son-in-law, loved sandwiches.  Or shall I say sangwiches, which is what he always used to call them.  He once owned a wonderful Italian Delicatessen in the Valley, called Sarno's Deli & SanGwich Shop.  Unfortunately, I was never able to visit because he passed away when I was very young.  And his incredible Italian cooking is something that I will never get to experience in this lifetime, but luckily I have my mom, aunt and uncle who have inherited his authentic cooking skills and recipes.  Although, my mom always says, "It still doesn't tastes like Grandpa's"!

So, because his deli is no longer around, we have found a great substitute which I've mentioned before, called Claro's Italian Market.  They have the freshest cold cuts that make the most delicious sangwiches!  Can you taste it now?... buon gusto salami, pistachio mortadella, capicola, lemon pepper turkey, provolone cheese and Girard's Italian dressing all nestled between two slices of toasted French bread.  Yup, that's my kind of sangwich and Grandpa would have approved...

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  1. This looks absolutely delicious. I'm seriously hungry looking at it.