Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Peppermint White Russian

A couple of weeks ago I was formally introduced to a White Russian.  Everyone has their drink of choice, and I am happy to finally say that I have found mine!  And this was perfect timing too, because I'm not a fan of eggnog and believe this to be a great holiday cocktail alternative.  So, to give it some extra festive flare, I put a peppermint twist on the traditional White Russian by simply dropping in a candy cane.  And it made such a difference!  A sweet coffee minty pleasure.  You know what I'll be drinking for the New Year...

What you'll need: per drink

1 jigger of vodka
2 jiggers of Kahlua
1/3 cup of half and half
1 candy cane

Fill your glass with ice, pour in the vodka, the Kahlua and then the half and half.  Plop in your candy cane and serve it to you guests as is.  Let them be the one to give it a stir with the peppermint stick, because the presentation is pretty before it's mixed!

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