Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Happy Winter Solstice

Last night at 9:30pm my family and I celebrated our first Winter Solstice.  Right on the dot, we all rang our bells to help bring in the new year that will be filled with more light and life.  We wrote down our wishes, lit them with a candle flame and tossed them into the fireplace for our wishes to be granted.  Our wishes were supposed to be kept a secret, but it's no secret that my Grandma Kay had a very serious operation this week, so my wish was for her.  And she is doing better everyday.

For those who don't know, Winter Solstice was actually celebrated before Christmas.  Since this day is the darkest day of the year, Pagans feared that light was never going to return... that they would not be able to grow their crops and eat due to the lack of sun.  So they prayed to their Sun God to bring back the light and would fill their homes with as much life and lights as possible... like trees layered with candles and Poinsettia flowers lining their tables and floors.  They gifted red presents that symbolized blood/life.  They made wishes to help them reflect on themselves and the important aspects in life like their family, health and relationships.  Eventually, the days grew brighter and they turned this celebration into a annual ritual.  So, yesterday, we all had fun partaking in this earthy holiday to help celebrate our environment and the loved ones around us.  Happy Winter Solstice!

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