Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sorbet Cream

Sorbet Cream, found at Frostbites in Southern California, is the perfect combo of sorbet and frozen custard.  With over a dozen sorbet flavors to choose from, the combinations you can make are endless!  I ordered Big Stick, vanilla custard with a mixture of pineapple and cherry sorbet.  And guess what, it tastes just like a Big Stick Popsicle.  I've also tried their chocolate custard with strawberry sorbet, which tastes like Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Too good! 

For those who don't typically like custard, no worries, because since it's frozen custard, it tastes similar to frozen yogurt.  And with the sorbet served on top, it makes the most wonderfully balanced icy and creamy indulging treat.  Go visit!

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