Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DIY: V-Day Gift Tags

It's February!  Wasn't it literally just Christmas?  I have to admit that I've never been a huge Valentine's Day celebrator due to raised restaurant prices, gift giving pressures and hey, shouldn't we celebrate love everyday with the people we cherish?  Although, any holiday that gives me an excuse to craft, I'm all for it!  And I'm hosting a V-Day theme party this Tuesday for 11 lovely spunky ladies.  So, I've been busy in the craft room making heart shaped gift tags that I'll be attaching to a surprised edible goodie (to be made this weekend) that I'll send home with the gals at the end of the night.

What you'll need:

Cricut Machine with heart shaped patterns (unless you want to cut everything by hand)
Valentine's Day themed paper
3D double sided tape squares
Brown Ink Sponge
White reinforcements (aged with the ink sponge)
Glue stick

I purchased double sided printed paper, because I wanted to utilize both sides for this project.  The front side displays the main message and the back side will share a handwritten note to the love one receiving the gift.  Age the edges with the ink sponge for some of your cutouts to create texture and warmth.

Once your shapes are cut out and aged, start the layering process by using the 3D tape to create depth and interest.
See the subtle shadows the tape makes?  If you're not using a Cricut machine, use a hole punch to create the hole that the ribbon will feed through to wrap around the gift.  Then secure the hole with the aged reinforcements.

On the back side, glue on another layer of paper that will display your personal handwritten message.  Feed the ribbon through the hole, tie it around the gift and you're done!

Store bought tags with a personal note are just as thoughtful, but if you have time to take that extra step, your loved ones will love it that much more!


  1. aw... i absolutely love this! great post, thanks for sharing!


  2. Thank you, Jasmine! Aside from cooking, crafts are such a fun passion of mine. Glad to share! :)

  3. cute idea! i can't believe it's already almost valentines day!