Friday, February 3, 2012

A Newly Found Cooking Soul

At the beginning of the year, I had mentioned to all of you that I'm ready to start exploring other options in my career.  Retail has been fun [lots of wholesale perks :)], but there is a lack of connection that I've been struggling with in this field.  I often feel like I don't fit in and it's a lot more aggressively competitive than I realized.  I always thought that fashion was my passion, but when I look at the new direction my blog has turn to, the shows I watch, and the activities I do on a weekly basis, it all has to do with food!  I started this blog because I lost myself for a while and needed to find my way again, and it has led me into a direction that I never thought it would.  Learning recipes and endless stories about my Italian cooking family has helped me find a new passion and more meaningful connection.  So, I've decided to start focusing more on a field that brings out more creativity and happiness.  And I have my loving, avid Cooking Souls to thank for this new discovery in life: Grandparents Madalene, Ugo, and Jo and beautiful Mama.  So, what once was a blog about anything, will now be about the subject that I've fallen in love with, FOOD... with a few crafts thrown in here and there.  I'm not sure what's next... school, small party planning events.  But I'm ready to start over and begin a new journey with a team of support behind me!

Ugo doing what he did best!

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  1. Your Great Grandma Madalene, Grandma Jo, and Grandpa Ugo have surrounded you with love, knowledge and support beyond your greatest expectations. Family roots are the key to finding oneself. I'm so blessed to be a part of your rediscovery. You have a gift, and now that you unwrapped it, joy, peace and happiness will follow and complete you. Hold tight to your dreams and goals...this is your path so live your life to the fullest and be true to yourself always. Your loving Mama <3