Friday, January 13, 2012

An Unsettling Food Discovery

So, I think I'm allergic to Wheat!  I have a lot of symptoms for those who are... headaches, fatigue, constant bloating.  I mean, this has got to be some sort of omen... a thing like this happening to an Italian girl.  Downright unfair I should say!   Bread is pretty much the only thing I ate as a child... bagels, pasta, grilled cheese sandwiches, sub sandwiches, rolls.  Goodness, I can't really imagine a life without having a piece of bread everyday.  But, health is important and it's no fun feeling ill.  So, I'm going to try out a Gluten Free Diet and see what happens.  Hopefully, blog friends, you'll bare with me during this process since my blog is mostly about food!  You all don't want to just eat gluten free food, right?  I don't blame you.  But I'll do my best to suggest using regular bread and flour when posting my new altered recipes.  But this is only temporary, I think.  Once I detox, I'm told I can slowly get back into incorporating wheat products into my diet, but minimally.

To help detox and help nurse my digestive track back to normal, I started drinking cultured milk smoothies in the morning.  Cultured milk alone is no fun thing to drink, let me tell you.  It tastes like sour chunky milk because it has been fermented... a treatment that brings back the good bacteria which is super helpful to your tummy.  But when you blend this up with sweet fresh fruit it is completely edible.  There is still a slight tang to it but it's quite tasty!  If this still isn't sweet enough for you, you can always add a little honey.

What you'll need:

1/2 cup raspberries
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 banana
1 cup cultured low fat milk (plain)

Just throw it all in the blender and pulse until smooth.  If you don't have the same health issue and/or can't get over the image of possibly drinking something that is described as sour and chunky, you can always substitute the milk for regular yogurt!


  1. I love the glass bottle! Would you let me know where I can find one?