Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One of the Best

Here is a recap of a birthday worth celebrating...

It started off at the office... my amazing friend, Ali, making Mac and Cheese Pies for lunch and Apple Pies for dessert that she made with her pie maker.  Does she know me well or what?!

For dinner, the family and I head out to Toluca Lake to fine dine at Fabio Viviani's Italian Restaurant, Firenze Osteria.  Aside from my family's Italian cooking, I have to say his food isn't far behind!  A more sophisticated pallet than the more hearty recipes that my family creates, but all in all extremely tasty and very inviting.  We didn't get to meet Fabio but we had the pleasure of meeting Jacopo, Fabio's business partner and good friend from Italy.  I started off with their soup of the day, a corn, tomato, basil and garlic soup, which was fabulous on its own but even better dunked with his pillow soft house bread.  I remember Fabio making gnocchi all the time on Top Chef, so for my main entree, I ordered his Pesto Gnocchi.  The potato pasta was cooked perfectly, not too hard or soft, and was served in a creamy pesto and pine nut sauce that was out of this world.  Our server, Woodrow, was sweet enough to end our great experience with rich chocolate cake on the house!

Kenzie Wedge in Silver
Final stop, Hollywood Pantages Theater to see Wicked for the third time, "witch" was better than ever.  It was the perfect way to end a really fun day filled with friends, family and good food!

Kenzie Floral Dress, Kenzie Sweater, Kenzie Wedges
Behind the Scenes B-Day Present from Mom

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  1. What delicious pies! And best yet, for your birthday! I'm so glad you had a wonderful one and wish you many more exciting days of 2012. Nice Kenzies also! ;)