Monday, January 30, 2012

Citrus Cocktail

Southern California was so hot this past weekend.  And after standing in the sun for two hours at a food truck festival, I was parched and water just wasn't cutting it!  So my mom whipped up a couple of freshly squeezed citrus cocktails that quenched my thirst in no time.  My mom is the best personal bartender I know and I'm learning a lot of quick and tasty drinks from her that I love to share.  The flavor combo in this particular drink is so vibrant and refreshing and I can't wait to drink this again when the weather picks up for spring.

What you'll need: per 1 drink

1 orange
1 lemon
1 jigger of triple sec
1 jigger of coconut rum
1 can of squirt soda
splash of maraschino cherry juice

Freshly squeeze the juice out of the orange and lemon.  Set aside.  In a glass filled with ice, pour in the 2 jiggers of alcohol.  Add half of the can of squirt.  Top with the orange and lemon juice.  Give this a stir and add in the splash of maraschino cherry juice just before serving (to give the drink a sunset glow).  Garnish with a slice of orange, maraschino cherry and an umbrella!

This cocktail taste so fresh with the natural juices you use from the fruit.  And the squirt adds a hint of bubbly grapefruit flavor to add to the citrus theme.  So reviving after a long day in the sun...

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