Monday, April 2, 2012

Roasted Ceci Beans

Easter is almost here and this time it's my turn to host.  To help stump the growling tummies before the big feast, I'll be serving colorful bowls filled with Garbanzo Pistachio Snacks.  Instead of just nuts out of the jar, this time I've added a twist by also incorporating roasted garbanzo beans (or as I used to call them as a child, "ceci beans", Italian for garbanzo beans) and fresh lemon thyme from the herb garden.  Garbanzo beans are my favorite and always get thrown on top of my salad.  But roasting them turns these guys into a crunchy morsel that will make your hand gravitate to their bowl again and again.

What you'll need:

A bag pre-roasted Pistachios (salted or unsalted)
1 can Garbanzo beans (rinsed, patted dry and outer skin layer removed)
Olive Oil
2 sprigs Lemon Thyme
To taste salt and pepper

On a foil lined baking sheet, spread out the ceci beans and brush on a light layer of olive oil with a pastry brush.  Sprinkle on some salt (I like kosher), ground black pepper and the leaves from the lemon thyme.  Toss them into a 400 degrees oven for about 20 mins or until golden brown and crispy.  Once they've cooled, throw them in a bowl with the pistachios and you got yourself a healthy snack.

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  1. That's an interesting combination. I'm sure it's a great snack to munch on while sipping on a cocktail. Look at me thinking about cocktails in the middle of the day! LOL

    Quiet Luxury