Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY: Birthday Invitation

For the past month my mom and I have been planning my sister's 40th surprise birthday party.  It's hard keeping a fun secret for that long... so it was a relief to finally let it out this past Saturday.  We all had a blast including my sister and I'll be sharing more of the fun surprise throughout the week.  

This celebration was all based on crafty paper projects, authentic homemade food and drinks.  When my mom and I throw parties, we go all out and do everything from scratch.  So to give the guests and idea of what to expect, I created an invitation out of bright and warm colors with a crafty homemade feel to get them into the spirit of the party's theme. 

I can't get enough of my cricut machine.  I use it for almost every paper project I do.  And this time, I used it to create the birthday cake for this invitation.  All I had to do was find the appropriate printed paper, colored sharpies, 3D tape for extra dimension and pizazz and some double sided tape to put it all together.  And voila!.. a whimsical invitation to send out to our guests.


  1. A happy birthday to your sister.. how nice of you and your mom to do that.. the invite looks great.