Monday, September 3, 2012

Another Taste of Portland

 Remember how I was raving about how great Portland, Oregon is about being gluten free friendly?  Well, not everyone has jumped on the GF bandwagon yet, but I have to give Voodoo Doughnut props for at least being vegan friendly.  It's fun and unique places like this that make me forget that I'm not supposed to be eating gluten, but I'm going to blame it on the Voodoo Doll Doughnut... he made me do it.

I never ever thought I would stand in line for 30 mins for a doughnut, (but again I'll blame the Voodoo) and it was completely worth the wait.  You almost need that amount of time just to figure out which doughnut out of dozens of flavors you're going to choose.  Do I want a cake doughnut or a raised yeast doughnut? Bacon or Chocolate?  Glaze or Tang Dust?  Cream or Jelly?  The options are endless and I bet you'll never be able to leave without ordering more than one!  My mom and I finally decided on three : Voodoo Doll, Mango Tango and McMinnville Cream.

 And to make the wait more fun, their brick walls are covered in glitter!  Very pretty and very distracting...

We took our pink box filled with doughnuts (saving for an afternoon snack) and headed over to Kells Irish Pub, where I had the tastiest Shepard's Pie filled with ground beef, peas and carrots and topped with crispy cheesy mashed potatoes!  Can't wait to try my own version soon.  My stomach got the better of me and I forgot to snap a shot.  I might also have been easily distracted by the money on the ceilings.  When we asked how it got up there, they claimed it was from "Irish Magic".

Portland was quite an adventure and the food was excellent.  Next stop, Chicago.

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  1. I love that last photo! I thought it was the floor at first, but no. Very cool.

    And the donuts look so decadent. Yum!

    1. Erin, it was a fun pub. I felt like I was visiting Ireland! I wanted to go dance on the ceiling with the floating money. ;)

  2. Those look amazing. I would probably have waited in line for them as well. I must admit, I love doughnuts, especially maple ones. I had one this week and it was beyond delicious.

    1. Jenna, thanks for popping in! I don't like waiting in lines unless I know it's going to be totally worth my time. I love maple doughnuts, too! And this one had a mustache... even better. Love your travel posts, I'll have to stop by again soon!