Monday, November 5, 2012

My New Favorite Cooking Show

If you haven't tuned into the Cooking Channel's new show, My Grandmother's Ravioli, get up right now and DVR it (Wed nights)!  Very funny host, Mo Rocca, travels the states finding grandparents who don't mind sharing their delicious ethnic dishes that were passed down generation after generation.  It not only makes me laugh hysterically, but it completely transports me into their cozy homes as I get to learn their family recipe secrets.  It's a joy to witness the pleasure these folks still get when cooking and feeding their extended family...  not to mention watching Mo miraculously bring out their familiar stories and innocent humor.  After losing my last grandparent over a month ago, this show couldn't have had better timing.  I've been feeling sad and scared after the loss of Grandma Kay but this show has helped minimize those unwanted feelings and instead has encouraged me to reminisce about the times when I was in the kitchen watching my Gma Kay make Pizzelles, while asking her to tell me the same childhood memories she would spill out time and time again.  I cross my fingers that this show can continue for seasons on end, because like many grandparents, "This one's a gem".


  1. Hey there Christina Marie, Thanks for the tip. The show sounds adorable. And I love the recipe gems that only grandparents could have. I have my Greek grandmother's old cookbooks with her recipe notes in the margins. A real treasure.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    1. You're lucky to have your grandma's cookbooks. That's so special. Unfortunately, written recipes are a rare find in my family. My grandparents mostly cook from memory, darn them. :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know your table will be filled with lots of family and yummy treats!